Farm Table Resturaunt – Fresher than fresh

Farm Table Foundation supports soil quality, local farms, healthy food and rural communities. We believe that quality of life is directly impacted by the quality of local soil and an abundance of small farms. We make the connection between farm health and community well-being apparent. Our classes, events, and local food in downtown Amery all serve to highlight a central tenet: how we feed ourselves matters. The Foundation believes local food is fresher, carries more nutrients, keeps us working positively with nature, and provides an endless set of possibilities. The creativity drawn forth to farm and cook well is our eternal engine of ingenuity and culture. Join us in this adventure.

Farm Table Restaurant, located in downtown Amery, works to bring local farm produce and proteins direct to consumers. As the tangible output of farmers who build soil health and respond to each season, Farm Table offers a unique experience on each plate — every day, week and month. Our menu is the living expression of an incipient food culture — from Cosmic Wheel Cheese to Blackbrook baby spinach to Chickadee Hills Farm pork. We work with what comes in off the land, knowing it is grown here, in living soil, true to the season, and that we all benefit when a community can feed itself well. Visit us soon and learn more about how soil, seasonality and craft cooking make a difference. And cheers on that.

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